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Raising Capital

Are you planning to raise capital? Do you plan to register your offering with the SEC or do you plan to use an exemption from registration?

Under the Securities Act of 1933, any offer to sell securities must either be registered with the SEC or meet an exemption from registration. The most commonly used exemptions for interstate offerings are provided in Regulation D, Regulation A+ or Regulation Crowdfunding.  If you’re considering an intrastate offering, you may want to consider Rule 147/147A for the registration exemption.  

Irregardless of the exemption you choose, each exemption has its own specific requirements, its own set of rules and document requirements for raising capital.

Our SEC Compliant Documents

Whether your business is a corporation, an LLC, a hedge fund, private equity fund or real estate fund, we have the documents you need to be SEC compliant; plus, our SEC compliant documents are easy to use and easy for you to edit for your offering.
  • For Regulation D, Rule 504 and Rule 506 Offerings.  We have the SEC compliant offering documents you need for your Regulation D, Rule 504 or Rule 506 Offering.  These documents include a PPM, Subscription Agreement, Investor Questionnaire, Patriot Act, Jurisdictional Legends and more.
  • For Regulation A+ Offerings.  We have the SEC compliant offering documents for your Regulation A+, Tier I or Tier II Offering.  These documents include the Regulation A+ Offering Statement, Subscription Agreement, Form 1-A and more.
  • For Rule 147/147A Offerings.  Our Reg. D SEC compliant offering documents, will help you comply with the disclosure requirements of your Rule 147/147A Intrastate Offering.

And, we have documents for both equity (including equity with warrants) and debt offerings.

The SEC is becoming more vigilant of private offerings.  It’s important that you understand and comply with the SEC’s rules, information, filing and document requirements regarding offerings under Regulation D, Regulation A+, Regulation Crowdfunding or Rule 147/147A.



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