We believe that a code of ethics is essential in governing the conduct of our employees, management, vendors, clients, shareholders and the communities where we are involved in business. Our company will strive to conduct itself as follows:

We will…

» Be honest and transparent in all of relationships with our Clients;
» Protect and secure all data entrusted to us by our Clients;
» Dispose of, or destroy, all data and information provided to us after an engagement is terminated;
» Conduct our services in a manner that is consistent with accepted industry methods, maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all professional endeavors;
» Comply with all laws and regulations that apply to our industry and other aspects of professional conduct;
» Expose fraud and other forms of professional misconduct whenever it is found;
» Be civil and respectful in professional interactions, avoiding discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or age;
» Treat colleagues, vendors, clients, and employees fairly;
» Be constructive and professional in evaluating the work of colleagues, employees, competitors, clients and any other person interacting with our business;
» Provide recognition of past and present contributions of others within our company, and within our industry;
» Present one’s professional opinions only on those topics for which one has training and knowledge;
» Promote the free and open exchange of information, not withholding information to substantiate a personal or professional point of view;
» Be candid about potential conflicts of interest in the conduct of professional duties;
» Work to resolve conflicts with clients in a timely and professional manner;
» Update this statement regularly.

We take our Ethics very seriously.  Establishing an Ethics Statement keeps everyone focused on success and personal growth.