Rule 147/147A Rule 147/147A, the Intrastate Offering Exemption, seeks to facilitate the financing of local business operations. This exemption has no limits on the size of the offering or the number of purchasers. The company must determine the residence of each purchaser. If the company offers or sells its securities to even one out-of-state person, the company may lose the exemption.



Our Offering Memorandum Templates are SEC compliant and follow the guidelines contained in Regulation S-K and Rule 147/147A.  We offer SEC compliant Offering Templates for corporations and LLCs and their intrastate offering. With your purchase of any of our SEC compliant Offering Memorandum templates, you’ll receive all of the following:

  • A Rule 147/147A compliant Offering Memorandum loaded with fully editable content, to help you get started;
  • A Form of Warrant;
  • A Mail Merge Data Source file to facilitate your completion of your Offering Memorandum;
  • A legal Subscription Agreement;
  • An Accredited Investor Verification Document helps you comply with Rule 147/147A;
  • Jurisdictional Legends for all 50 states;
  • The ERISA Disclosure Document;
  • A complete Set of Patriot Act Disclosure Documents;

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Rule 147/147A FAQs

Rule 147/147A