One of the biggest challenges for companies wanting to raise capital by using a Regulation A Offering is the upfront costs … costs for legal, accounting, preparation & filing, promotion, etc.

These costs can range from $40,000 – $100,000.


We have a financing source that allows people to “sell” a small portion of the equity in their home in exchange for cash with no obligation to pay anything back until either the due date of the transaction (from 1 – 10 years as determined by the homeowner), whenever you sell your home or you repay voluntarily. This is basically a no-interest, no-monthly HELOC with repayment tied to the hoped-for increase in the value of the home at the end of the term, when the home is sold or at repayment.

Your only “up front cost” will be the appraisal, which may be as low as $500.

What else?  Your capital raise should be $5+ million and your property should be appraised at $750k or more.


Contact us to learn more of this unique financing option designed to help you address one of the biggest challenges of a Reg. A+ offering — the up front costs.


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