reverse merger funding   One of the biggest challenges for companies seeking to go public by completing a reverse merger is the cost of acquiring the public company.

For a high quality public company, these costs can range from $250,000 – $350,000 or more.


We have financing sources that will invest a minimum of $600K, up to $1M per deal, and possibly can arrange for follow-up capital raises.  Approximately $400K will be used for the purchase of the public vehicle and the balance can be retained by the company for working capital.  The investors will get whatever is negotiated, depending on valuation, and the transaction can be structured as equity or debt, or a combo. One caveat: none of the capital sources will do startup (pre-revenue) companies.


Contact us to learn more of this financing option designed to help you address one of the biggest challenges of going public through the reverse merger process — the up front costs.



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